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Vahla w/ Sneddon at Glasgow's Tramway

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Athina visited with artist and great friend, Gail Sneddon for her intensive residency at Tramway: discussing, setting tasks, and moulding movement from familiar experiences of grief and loss, with the private body at its centre. Whittling movement down to bare essentials, states were accessed through trust, care and deep listening. Visual documentation was purposely avoided, hence the use of the image Gail provided to Glasgow Tramway.

Gail said of the visit:

"A good week in Tramway Studio as part of the Tramway Supports residencies researching a new work the Shape Of Grief. Much thanks to the creative force that is Athina Vahla for her wonderful support and expertise in taking me in to and out of my body in my exploration in physicalising grief and loss."

Photo by Duncan Wilson, titled The Shape of Grief

This photo was captured at Roseisle Beach, and the figure on the beach in silhouette is Gail Sneddon.

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