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Sensible Activities : collaboration w/ composer Neil Luck & ARCO

Updated: Jun 15

Athina joined in another collaboration with composer Neil Luck and ARCO; this round centres around Sensible Activities.

This inquiry involved a series of outdoors promenade events and workshops, and has been funded by The Performing Rights Society Foundation (PRSF) Composer's Fund award.

Luck the describes the project as focused on "... performance strategies which transpose mediated ways of seeing and hearing - informed by the ubiquitous presence of screens, speakers, and edited media in our day to day lives - into environments one step removed from digital technology."

Thus far, there have been a two-year series of experiments, walks, and workshops, taking place between Autumn 2022 and Spring 2024. Various sites in the UK and Europe were used, including; The Trinity Laban Summer School (2022), a residency in Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, an Epping Forest Walk event (April,2024), and a day’s testing workshop at CSM.

Athina's role was to help design the outputs and workshops and develop these, through an ongoing process of discussion, experimentation, and re-evaluation.

More information on Neil and Arco:

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