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Update: Athina in Stockholm w/Maipelo Gabang Jan & Feb 23

Athina continues, and builds on a collaboration with performance artist Maipelo Gabang. Gabang is a scholar and PhD candidate at Stockholm University of the Arts. The collaboration will centre around hula hooping and making new work.

The hoop as a symbol for connection and reciprocity, its narrative extending to selected areas of physics and maths. The residency involves an intense period of rehearsals and exchange with Maipelo (intiated in 2013) and with invited MA Circus students.

Vahla and Gabang share a long passion with hula hooping, endurance, and bell chain ringing; all originally explored in South Africa as part of the First Physical Company repertory.

Athina's visit will also be an opportunity to develop a dialogue with Maipelo's PhD research project Standing Upright and deliver daily workshops to the Performing Arts students of the Stockholm University of the Arts.

In addition, Vahla will be joining forces with Hungarian artist, teacher, and curator Anikó Ráczon to investigate the topic of collaboration per se.

Image (above) of Maipelo hula-hooping as a girl.

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